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Baby Steps to Take for Diabetic Lifestyle Change

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runningDiabetes diagnosis sounds like huge sentence for many people because they think that there are many things which will change in their life. Having to live with diabetes is not easy at all because there are many aspects of life which should be considered if they want to manage their diabetes. They of course cannot forget about the fact that diabetes is kind of condition which cannot be cured yet so people have to manage it so they can keep the sugar blood level close to the normal one. They do not only have to consume the medication and take diabetes diet because it is also important for changing their lifestyle. It sounds big but people can start with the baby steps.


Increasing Physical Activity

It sounds like a great thing to do especially for people who are not used to physical activity. In fact, they do not have to increase the physical activity by going to the gym right away. They can start with small things such as walking to the mailbox. They can also do the vacuuming and sweeping the floors. Laundry job can also be simple choice of physical activity which can burn calories as well as lower blood sugar. They can also be more active while watching TV by moving more during the commercials.


Weight Management

Diabetic should manage their weight and it can mean that they have to lose some of their weight for lowering the blood sugar level. In this circumstance, they do not have to lose all of the weight at once. It does not mean that they have to take serious diet program because it can be as simple as eliminating the large soda pop or bedtime snack. They should avoid the processed foods and snacking between meals. If people love to snack, they have to do it smartly by choosing health snack such as fruits or vegetables.


Stress Reducing

Stress level will affect the blood sugar level greatly so it is important for people to make sure that they reduce their stress level if they want to manage their diabetes. In this circumstance, they need to take some time for their selves by doing something they enjoy the most. It can be as simple as taking hot bath or reading a book for a few minutes. They can also reduce stress by going for a walk or taking part of other activities from their routine.


Stay Hydrated

People can maintain their blood sugar level by staying hydrated according to some studies. People who have high blood sugar level should make sure that they take a lot of water so the dehydration can be avoided.


images (1)Remembering Medication

People with diabetes will depend on the medication a lot for controlling their blood sugar level. People with type 1 diabetes must not forget about the insulin. If people have the type 2 diabetes, of course they should remember about the prescribed medication or medication. Reminder can be used by diabetic who is hard to remember for taking their medication.

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