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Diatery Habit for Diabetes Diet

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Diabetes diet is necessity for anyone who suffer in diabetes and require sufferers to have healthy lifestyles in order to control blood glucose level to prevent another risk that caused by diabetes. This is very important for sufferers to control their daily food and healthy lifestyle pattern.


Healthy Diet for Diabetics

People have to understand that to makes diabetics get their better health is very important to control blood sugar level. We can do this with pay attention to do diabetes diet, exercising minimum 5 times a week and most important thing is to change our life style to be good habits.

Medical experts give warning to people to keep our weight in ideal conditions because our weight have a major influence agains risk of diabetes, and lose weight 5% – 10% have positive effect to our blood sugar levels in lower level.

Diabetics must be pay attention about daily food what their eat, especially carbohydrates,  manage their diabetes diet and also don’t forget to do daily exercise

Their daily food should be:

  • Hight in nutrients
  • Low fat
  • Low in calories

This is a healthy diet for everybody because we have to maintaining our body’s nutritional needs, but especially for diabetics must selection of food consumed especially carbohydrates.


Choose Fats Wisely for Diabetes Diet

We know that, not all fats is not good for our health, we have to smart to choose which fats will good for our health and which one is not good. Some fat is good for our body and give benefits for us but another fats is not good for our health. Diabetics have a higher risk of heart diseases, that’s why diabetics must be wise to choose what kind of fat that which will be consumed. So diabetic must have good knowledge about the type of the fat that is healthy and kind type of unhealthy fat.

Healthy fat is unsaturated fat which are found in many plants and animal grow. The main sources that popular can found in olive oil, soy milk or avocado. Beside that, medical practitioners also recommend to consume Omega 3 that we can found in salmon fish, tuna fish or sunflower seed to keep your  metabolism, maintenance brain health and heart.

Unsaturated fat is the opposite of the above statement, the fat is not recommended for healthy diabetes diet, especially diabetics. We can found this saturated fat in red meat, eggs, cheese, butter, milk, ice cream and snack.

Saturated fat is not mean totally unhealthy, because if consume this food with the right dose, actually our body also need this saturated fat. In another word our body needs unsaturated fat and also saturated fat in balanced.

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