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Preventing Pre-diabetes from Becoming Type 2 Diabetes


prevent with diabetes dietDiabetes must be health condition which makes people have to change their lifestyle if they want to manage it. There is great change which can be found once they diagnosed with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes conditions are getting more and more familiar for many people so it is important for people to make sure that have great awareness about this type of diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes which can appear suddenly, there will be long process which can be found until someone can be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Before the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes conditions, people can suffer from pre-diabetes which can be the warning sign of the diabetes. They can be considered with pre-diabetes when they have the blood sugar level which is higher than normal level but it is not high enough to be called diabetes. If people do not make change in their lifestyle including taking diabetes diet, the pre-diabetes can develop into type 2 diabetes. That is why people should have bigger awareness about the symptoms of pre-diabetes.



It is possible that people will not have any specific symptom at all when they have pre-diabetes condition although their blood sugar level is higher than normal. However, they have to be more aware when they feel hungrier than normal. Although they eat more, it seems like they just lose their weight. They feel thirstier than normal. They also have to go to the bathroom more frequently than normal. They can also feel more tired than their usual self.



Of course people do not want to find their pre-diabetes condition turn into type 2 diabetes. It means that they have to make serious change of lifestyle. There will be things which are recommended to change by the doctor but there will be typical things which should be done by people with pre-diabetes. In this circumstance, people have to make sure that they eat the foods properly. They should follow the meal plan which is useful for controlling the blood sugar level so it can be kept in the healthy and normal range. Physical exercise of course will be included in the lifestyle change which people should do. In this circumstance, they have to exercise more because there will be more calories burn during exercise. It means that it can be useful for lowering the blood sugar level. Not much insulin will be needed by the body for transporting the glucose so the body will be less resistant to insulin. There are also other great benefits of physical exercise which people can find including the lose weight help, healthy heart keeping, better sleep, and mood improving. prevent with diabetes dietLosing weight will also be recommended for people with pre-diabetes because losing weight will also reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes from pre-diabetes condition. For losing weight, people can take combination of more physical exercise and well eating. It will not only be great for losing weight but it will also be great for maintaining the new and healthy weight for people with pre-diabetes.

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