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Understanding the Causes of Diabetes

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type-2-diabetes-causesPeople of course have proper understanding about the change of lifestyle which should be followed by people with diabetes since there is great change in their body when they live with diabetes. People have to learn more about the causes and risks of diabetes. They can build bigger awareness for changing their lifestyle far before they have to deal with diabetes in their life. Maybe they think that diabetes diet can be great suffering for them but actually it is kind of healthy diet with more limited food option. If people have bigger awareness about diabetes before they are diagnosed with it, they can make the diabetes diet more enjoyable since they can find more food options. Different types of diabetes have different cause varieties after all. People should learn further about each type and its cause so they can prevent it as soon as possible.


Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

The lack of insulin which is caused by the insulin producing beta cells destruction in pancreas can be the main cause of type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes can be found during the children and young adult age. This condition can be found due to the genetic susceptibility which becomes the important reason why people can develop type 1 diabetes condition. Besides the heredity aspect, the type 1 diabetes condition can also be caused by the autoimmune destruction of beta cells. Some environmental factors can also be the culprit of type 1 diabetes including viruses, infections, as well as infant feeding practices.


Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes conditions can be the most common type of diabetes which is suffered by more and more people time after time. It can be caused by the combinations of several factors including the insulin resistance. Genetic susceptibility still becomes the cause of type 2 diabetes conditions just like the type 1 diabetes condition. Risk of developing type 2 diabetes conditions can be increased by having certain genes or genes combination. When people are talking about type 2 diabetes conditions, it cannot be separated from the physical inactivity as well as obesity. People can get obesity because they do not have balance between caloric intake as well as physical activity. It can cause insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes conditions. This is the common condition which can be found by people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance becomes the cause of type 2 diabetes conditions which is common for people who is obese or overweight. Type 2 diabetes conditions can also be cause by the production of glucose which is abnormal by the liver. There are also some other causes of type 2 diabetes conditions including metabolic syndrome, cell signaling and regulation problem, as well as beta cell dysfunction.


Causes of Gestational Diabetes

There gestational diabetes can be caused by the hormonal changes as well as metabolic demands during pregnancy combined with the genetic factors as well as environmental factors. Gestational diabetes can be caused by beta cell dysfunction, insulin resistance, and family history with gestational diabetes.

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